"This is pop. In many ways, very pop: tunes, tunes and tunes, they got ‘em. It’s just that the Bower brothers – guitar-playing singer, Andrew, and bass-playing Sean – with drummer Dan McNaulty, come at pop music with a sense of overdrive. That means they place melody within a solid body of sound that can tip its hat to noise without actually going there, that can muscle up without coming on like heavies, and can let the vocals sit back a bit in the mix without wholly obscuring attractiveness." - Bernard Zuel - The Sky Is Blue album review

"If you’re a regular reader of this column, you won’t be remotely surprised that I’ve got a lot of affection for Brisbane rockers the Valery Trails. The three men in the group are musical lifers that, even as they are (I’m assuming from the band photos) pushing 50, have to get their frazzled garage pop out into the world at all costs. They release their music without the help of a label and do short tours around Australia — all for the love of the game. This chosen path would be Sisyphyean for any other group, but the Trails have the talent to back it up. Their new album finds that carefully carved out niche where the jangle of their fellow Aussies the Go-Betweens is married to the loud psychedelicized attack of a great late ’80s power trio. There’s passion and purpose in these songs that should be celebrated and analyzed by younger musicians. Do your homework, kids, and give this a spin." - Robert Ham - Paste Magazine - New & Notable Vinyl Releases

"The Valery Trails are wonderfully inventive, but not stuck in any one place ,,, The Sky Is Blue is a top notch listen, a real example of how Pop and the Guitar can take you into so many joyful areas." - I Don't Hear a Single - The Sky Is Blue album review

"... effortless jangled riffs that augment the omnipresent melodic intent, this is the big anthemic sound that just will not leave your head." - Janglepophub - The Sky Is Blue album review

‘The Sky Is Blue’ is a beautiful collection of acutely personal reflections delivered with an optimistic grace and stature, empowered by an inherent power and muscularity. It is the sum of many precious parts, reflecting an international perspective gained from travels, but grounded in something very antipodean and raw. - Backseat Mafia - The Sky Is Blue album review

"Expansive multi-layered vocals create a heavenly chorus that is redolent of Teenage Fanclub in a tryst with The Byrds, while the wall of jingle jangle guitars create a shimmering foundation that recalls The Go-Betweens and REM. But The Valery Trails only tip a hat to these influences: they have carved out something of their own: an antipodean-flavoured bubbling effervescence that is captivating." - Backseat Mafia - Zancudo video premiere

"Brisbane based trio, The Valery Trails, always seem to find the perfect blend of the best of 80s power-pop and jangly riffs. This is another perfect slice of the type of 2 minute pop perfection that they are synonymous with!" - Janglepophub - Jasalmer single review

"Have some angst-ridden shoegazy blues to see you into the weekend from The Valery Trails, this is the aptly named ‘Introvert Blues’ and it’s got a little Gary Numan, a little Sonic Youth and a bit of Husker Du, and we can dig that." - Soundsphere - Introvert Blues Single Review

"Chameleon Bones‘ first single “OK” is comprised of an anthemic hook paired with a jangling alt country/alt rock sound — in other words, slightly fuzzy guitars fed through subtle effects pedals, thunderous and propulsive drumming along with a throbbing bass line in a song that sounds as though it was channeling Big Star, The Smithereens, Murmur-era R.E.M., Dinosaur, Jr., The Church and others, complete with a radio-friendly, arena rock friendly air. But what distinguishes The Valery Trails from those familiar sources is that this particular single also manages to channel shoegazer rock and 90s Brit Pop in a way that puts a subtle new twist on a beloved sound." - The Joy of Violent Movement

"Part Australia, part Texas…that’s the story of The Valery Trails. Their sound, well, it’s going to take you back to classic 90s radio sounds, filled with a solid melody and distorted guitars. The chorus of “you are ok, we are ok,” is catchy too, so you’ll have something to sink your teeth into while you jam this one. Think of bands like REM or maybe a happier Dinosaur Jr and you’ll no right where this group stands. They’ll release their new LP, Chameleon Bones, on August 5th, so look to the end of your summer for this rad release." - Austin Town Hall