Singles Going Steady 

So, it's almost SXSW time, which means time to take a bit of a hiatus from PR things as all eyes turn to Austin.  To recap, we've released two singles from the new album - Starsong and Children.  Both are available for free download on this very site, and various other places around the internets.  We've also started to get a bit of radio airplay, even before our official radio campaign starts, which is very cool. 

Starsong premiere on The Big Takeover

Children premiere on The Dadada

Next week sees a very rare live outing of a few VTrails tunes as Andrew does a solo set to kick off the fifth annual Down Under Sounds Aussie music showcase in Houston, preceded by an in-studio appearance on Sound Awake on KPFT 90.1.

Once the SXSW hangover has worn off, you'll be hearing more from us, leading up to the Buffalo Speedway album release in April.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all the action.